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I've never been a fan of Samuel Jackson. As a matter of fact I intensely dislike the man.

And Capital One producing and promoting a spot like this makes me start looking into transferring my credit card account to another company. Desecrating a classic song like this just makes me want to slap the shit out of him!

I'm breaking form for my "What's The Music..."series and not showing the video of the commercial. I've been lucky enough to have a remote close enough every time it comes on TV to be able to change channels. Or at least mute it.


Al Green Let's Stay Together - Skynyrd.com

So let's put that out of our minds and concentrate on what the real music is. Of course, the song in the commercial is the Soul/R&B classic, Let's Stay Together, by the incomparable Al Green.

Let's Stay Together was the title tack from Green's 1972 album. It has endured all these years and remains one of the most timeless songs ever recorded. It has been covered by nearly countless different  artists and has been featured in numerous movies and TV shows.

In 2010 it was added to the by the Library of Congress. It was written by Al Green, Willie Mitchell, and Al Jackson, Jr.

As a bonus, while I was researching this post I found a more recent version of this song.

In 2010 Al Green was on the Jonathan Ross Show, BBC 1, to preform Let's Stay Together. And playing with him in the house band is David Gilmore on guitar! And Jools Holland on piano. This is a really cool version. You can hear the age in Rev Green's voice, as you would expect, but he's still got the range and all the notes. And he still knows how to work that crowd. Check it out...

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